With the kind of impressive performance history the Leineweber cam has, you'd expect Jim Leineweber to be found buried under tons of sophisticated forming and grinding equipment in some hot-shot laboratory setting. Instead, he works in his machine shop and does his spectacular grinds on some rather unspectacular looking equipment. In spite of this, his cams are renowned throughout the industry.

His grinds are considered the "hot" setup among drag racers, worldwide. This is one mighty stamp of approval given that the demands of the drag strip require a cam that performs well at all engine speeds.

Whether you're looking to set a few records of your own, or you just want the prestige of using the finest aftermarket Harley cams available, you'll want to check through our on-line catalog and then email or call us. We're open 8 am to 5 pm pacific time, Monday through Friday and can be reached at 760-364-4432.
Meet Jim Leineweber
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